By on April 12, 2013

23 ways to help promote your API to developers

  1. Provide a better documentation flow
  2. Keep your documentation up-to-date
  3. Answer questions in sites like Quora
  4. Help developers in Stackoverflow
  5. Provide sample responses to your API’s endpoints
  6. Make your API easy to consume – RESTful, etc.
  7. Build relationships with fellow API developers
  8. Allow developers to comment/provide feedback to your APIs
  9. Provide freemium access
  10. Show health statistics of your API
  11. Join hackathons
  12. Host hackathons
  13. Create tutorials
  14. Build client libraries
  15. Craft verbose client library documentation
  16. Blog about your API and its progress
  17. Use other APIs
  18. Provide sample code
  19. Check what fellow APIs in the same category are doing
  20. Provide a test console
  21. Create a video
  22. Provide value in other ways (blog)
  23. Speaking opportunities