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Brad Drysdale

The Evolution of APIs: From the Cloud Age and Beyond (Part 1)
API Economy Blog

July 6, 2022 Enterprise | < 1 MIN READ

What is the API Economy?

Today’s digital economy is shifting toward dependence on microservices — self-contained and reusable software components — working in coordination to compose the applications we use. Communication between microservices happens through… Continue reading

Embedded Finance Guide
API Infrastructure: ESB Versus API Gateway (Part 1)
API Infrastructure: ESB Versus API Gateway (Part 1)
Why are APIs so important blog

July 7, 2021 Enterprise | 7 MIN READ

Why are APIs so important?

APIs have long been the programmer’s tool of choice for inter-application communication. Built by programmers, for programmers. Giving each other an interface and a means by which to call each… Continue reading