By on November 13, 2014

Image & Video OCR API SemaMediaData joins Mashape

SemaMediaData – a startup that offers Image & Video OCR API based on cutting edge multimedia-processing technologies, is now on Mashape!

Do check out the guest post below by them, and don’t forget to consume their API on Mashape! 🙂

SemaMediaData logoSemaMediaData technologies serve as cornerstone for various innovative applications as e.g., automatic video annotation, video indexing, video browsing, content-based video search engine, social media mining etc.

Image OCR provides functionality for detecting and recognizing text content from video frames and images. It differs from a conventional print OCR engine which is designed for a high resolution scan of printed documents with uniform background. The Image OCR engine of SemaMediaData applies a set of sophisticated preprocessing procedures such as text localisation, background reparation, text binarization etc., which enables text recognition in a more complex environment. The actual version of SemaMediaData’s Image OCR engine is designed for detecting and recognizing overlay text and some of scene text (with sufficient contrast and horizontal alignment) from video frames and images (View Demo). SemaMediaData’s Image OCR algorithms achieved the top ranking in all the three evaluation tasks of ICDAR 2011 robust reading competition for born digital images.

Video OCR is an analysis cascade which includes automated video segmentation, video text detection, recognition and named entity recognition. The analysis result of this API enables automatic video retrieval and indexing as well as content-based video search in video portals and digital archives (View Demo).

Both Image OCR and Video OCR API are freemium APIs. Simply create an account on Mashape, and use SemaMediaData’s APIs in a limited fashion without any cost. For large amount of requests, we also prepared a flexible pricing plan to suit your needs.

Today, you could develop innovative multimedia search and indexing applications by using SemaMediaData’s OCR technologies.

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