By on October 16, 2017

Welcome Kong Inc. A New Name, a New Product, a New Era.

Today is an exciting day here at our new offices in San Francisco’s Union Square and I’d like to share our news with the vibrant Kong community: Mashape, Inc. is rebranding to Kong Inc. In addition, we’re launching Kong Enterprise, our flagship Microservice API abstraction platform built to handle the scale and traffic demands of large organizations.


New Name: Kong Inc.

Mashape, Inc. was founded in 2009 to power the Industrial Revolution of software. Back then APIs were not hot nor buzzy, but we knew that history repeats itself. We had a vision of how software was going to be built and it looked a lot like the assembly line of Ford Motor Company. Today, cloud computing is the electrification of the software world, and APIs and open source software is the resulting means of production. Initially, we set up the company to be an API marketplace. Over time we grew to 250,000 developers and along the way, we built Kong, the first API Gateway to power over 20,000 APIs. In 2015, we decided to open source Kong to put this great technology at the service of every developer and enterprise in the world. We didn’t expect such rapid adoption but we knew it was going to be mainstream. So we decided to put all our energies behind Kong development. To reflect our new focus and growing community we’re now Kong!

New Product: Kong Enterprise

We are an open source company at our foundation. We love open source and are committed to enabling the community with the best technology we can. Kong has become the de facto standard Microservice API gateway, winning the mindshare of developers and allowing adoption by some of the most sophisticated enterprises. We realized that enterprise adoption brings new demands for functionality and service that are different from those in the open source community. Global 5000 companies need enterprise-grade security, advanced analytics, global scalability, and a fully-integrated developer portal ­–all backed by expert-level customer success and 24×7 support. We’re very excited to announce Kong Enterprise, which shares an open source core with Kong Community Edition while providing an expanded set of enterprise features and services.


New Era: Microservices Revolution

Microservices are driven by developers, while SOA was driven by vendors. That’s why it’s happening! We’re just at the beginning of the Software Industrial Revolution. Many companies are still developing heavy, monolithic applications weighed down by proprietary code. Change is coming quickly, especially in enterprise-scale applications. The rise of container and orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes is leading to new and agiler software architectures. Increasingly applications are decoupled into smaller components, resulting in thousands of microservices that communicate and work together via APIs. It changed the architecture paradigm forever…

As edge computing, serverless and artificial intelligence-based applications become a widespread reality, the number of APIs needing management grows exponentially. At the container level, it looks like Kubernetes is going to win the orchestration race for these new types of applications, and that will mean the need for a completely decentralized API abstraction layer with sidecar deployments. Kong is the answer for your API layer.

We’re thrilled with our new name, Kong Inc., new product Kong Enterprise and thanks to our community for being a part of this journey into the new era with us.



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