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Kong Brain and Kong Immunity Released!

Four months ago, we declared that API Management is dead and announced our vision for a service control platform. Today, we’re taking a critical step towards fulfilling that vision with the launch of artificial intelligence and machine learning additions to the Kong Enterprise platform – Kong Brain and Kong Immunity.

As your organization increasingly adopts microservices, you will inevitably face new challenges in maintaining visibility, security and governance at scale. Kong Brain and Kong Immunity leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to improve visibility, security and efficiency across your entire development lifecycle.

Below, we’ll dive into the ways Kong Brain and Kong Immunity will help your organization by serving as cornerstones of the service control platform. Please note that we will be rolling out these features over an Early Access period as we continue to refine the products.

Kong Brain: Intelligent Automation

To improve governance, efficiency and visibility, Kong Brain integrates tightly with Kong Manager and the Kong Developer Portal to autonomously execute service management and deployment tasks. To accomplish this, Kong Brain uses a real-time collector to ingest your documentation and data flows, analyze changes and take action. To maintain control, you can allow designated users to create workflows and approve changes directly in Kong Manager.

Auto-Configure Your Kong Enterprise Deployment

With the pace of innovation ever-accelerating, shortening your development cycles becomes critical to your organization’s success. To accelerate your deployment process, Kong Brain uses your existing OpenAPI spec files to automate the configuration of your Kong Enterprise deployment. This removes the potential for human error and allows you to maintain strict standards for your service development teams, ensuring optimal performance.

Auto-Generate Documentation

To strengthen governance and boost efficiency, Kong Brain allows you to immediately standardize documentation across your entire Kong Enterprise deployment. To begin, deploy Kong Brain in front of the desired services to allow the collector to ingest your data. Once ingestion is complete, Kong Brain generates new documentation in OpenAPI 2/3 (fka Swagger) specification and allows you to push it into your Developer Portal.

Autonomous Documentation Updating

To avoid potential outages and issues caused by out-of-date documentation, Kong Brain automatically pushes the newest documentation to your Developer Portal. Once your team pushes a new or updated service to Kong Enterprise, Kong Brain will update the documentation globally and reflect it in the Developer Portal for internal and external developers with appropriate access.

Generate a Visual Map of Your Services

As your number of microservices increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand connections and dependencies across services, teams and environments. To improve visibility across your teams and enhance service discovery, Kong Brain creates a real-time visual map of your services across teams, regions, platforms and more. If you notice an issue or change that falls out of line with compliance, you can take immediate action. As Kong Brain continues to learn about your organization, it will increasingly unearth and flag potential redundancies, bottlenecks and issues across your Kong Enterprise deployment.

Kong Immunity: Adaptive Monitoring

Ensuring security and optimal service performance are critical to business success, but the shift to microservices exponentially increases the challenge due to increased east-west traffic. Kong Immunity addresses these challenges through machine-learning-fueled detection and analysis of service behavior anomalies in real-time. As users take action to address anomalies, Kong Immunity learns from those actions to refine detection and unearth more nuanced issues.

Create a Baseline for Healthy Traffic

Traffic patterns provide a window into the behavior and performance of services under different conditions. To understand your existing traffic patterns, Kong Immunity ingests data flowing through the Kong data plane to create a baseline for healthy traffic. As anomalies are detected and addressed through changes to the Kong Enterprise configuration, Kong Immunity continuously adapts this baseline. Over time, it learns to adapt without human direction.

Autonomously Identify Anomalies

To identify potential security issues, inefficiencies or performance bottlenecks, Kong Immunity flags traffic that deviates from the expected or desired patterns without disrupting services. Depending on your needs and goals, you can adjust the settings of Kong Immunity to recognize individual traffic events, patterns and other types of anomalous activity. For ultimate control, your designated users can allow a certain amount of deviation from expected norms before categorizing it as an anomaly.

Automatically Alert

How quickly you respond to a security event can mean the difference between a simple fix and catastrophic damage. As Kong Immunity detects anomalies in real-time, it automatically sends a notification alerting you to the issue. To avoid disruptions to your teams, you can designate specific users to receive alerts based on Roles Based Access Controls (RBAC) within Kong Manager. You or your designated users can also adjust the timing and sensitivity of alerts to make them more or less frequent for individual services depending on their importance.

Analyze and Address Anomalies

To help you effectively remedy issues in your services, Kong Immunity allows you to review anomalies to understand the root cause and take action. Using Kong Vitals, you can investigate service behavior and address the issue with just a few clicks. As the usage of Kong Immunity increases, it learns your desired behavior and continuously refines its model to better detect or ignore anomalies.


The introduction of these new AI/ML capabilities is a major milestone in our journey to reinvent the way that enterprises broker their information. The Kong Brain and Kong Immunity releases help our customers streamline service development, management and security across their entire organization. Stay tuned for deeper dives into our new capabilities and use cases.

Interested in joining the Early Access program? It’s easy to get started. Join the webinar to learn more, or reach out to us today about Kong Brain and Kong Immunity.


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