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List of 25+ Email Validation APIs

Email Validation API

Note: Check out our latest API collections page for the list of updated APIs.

Here’s a list of useful APIs to help you determine if that email address is real 🙂

API #TitleLink
1Verify Emailsimple api that checks if an email address if valid and exists. It checks the format of the address then tries to contact the server to make sure the address exists.
2Social Media Email SearchThis API allows searching the popular social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, tumblr, myspace) for an email address. If found, the site ID will be returned.
3Fluxifi ToolsMiscellaneous tools for getting page rank, page speed, validating domains & emails
4Email ValidatorChecks for fake DNS as well as uses regex functions to check the email for the right length and accepted characters.
5Email Search by EmailSherlockA reverse email search conducted at can help determine the identity of the owner of an unknown address that shows up in your inbox.
6FullContact PersonThe FullContact Person API takes a piece of contact information, such as an email address, and adds information such as name, job title, and social profile data from more than 120 different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
7Block Disposable EmailThe api helps to detect domains of disposable email address services such as, spamgourmet. In other words: if you need to keep your userbase clean you should avoid throw-away, one-time, instant, temporary email addresses. determines if an email address is not only valid, but associated with an actual user.
9QuickEmailVerficiationThis API help you improve your mail deliverability rates and protect your IP reputation by checking email addresses based on syntax, mx records, disposable and wildcard emails and deep smtp checks!

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