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List of 50+ SMS APIs





How many SMS APIs do you know about?  Apparently there are a ton of them, as you can see from the list below!  Hope this helps in your app development.

API #TitleLink
1BurstSMS US(Also for Australia, UK, NZ) BurstSMS web API allows you to build apps that can send and receive SMS. Use standard web languages to build applications that speak to global SMS carriers. No need to worry about complex SMPP servers or hosting SMS servers. Just send us your messages using our clean clear API calls and we will deliver it for you quickly and send you back confirmations or replies.
2ClickSendClickSend is a leader in business texting solutions. Their reputation is built on technical expertise, industry experience, quality support and service reliability. From bulk SMS and desktop SMS to SMS API gateways.
3InteltechIntelligent Technologies SMS API. Allows sending and receiving of SMS messages. An account is required. Sign up for free at
4PlivoPlivo API makes it easier for you to build voice call and SMS features into your web/mobile apps in your favorite web language.
5SendHubSendHub is the easy way to send one text message to everyone.
6MogreetSMS, MMS, Transcoding and User Lookup APIs. Quickly and easily add messaging and rich media to your mobile application with the Mogreet Mobile Services Platform.
7MessenteMessente group messaging platform provides an HTTP-based PushSMS interface additionally to the web-based message sending tools.
8SentlySent.ly is a service that allows you to add SMS send & receive capability to your apps. Sent.ly uses an easy HTTP API in the cloud with an app on your Android phones.
9Site2SMSUsing this API one can add SMS capabilities (India) to their application/website at free of cost.
10TextMarketerComprehensive SMS messaging functions. Direct UK connections, set the sender ID and send texts up to 612 characters. Send SMS to the UK and Europe
11MessageBirdMessageBird provides a simple and fast API for sending and receiving text messages (SMS) all over the world. Other related services are HLR-Lookup (network query) and sending and receiving Premium SMS messages.
12Sparrow SMSSparrow SMS Provides API to developers to push SMS content to GSM Networks of Nepal Telecom and NCell, UTL and SmartTelecom via the Sparrow SMS Gateway.
13FowizFOWiz provides an easy to use HTTP based API for sending SMS from your applications and browsers.
1446elksReceive and send SMS messages, control incoming phone calls, build IVRs, connect calls and create automated outgoing phone calls.
15Wavecell SMSAllows registered users to send SMS worldwide using a simple , fast and reliable HTTP API. Send messages in minutes (Wavecell is now 8×8).
16Octopush SMSOctopush SMS allow you to automatically send SMS to over 200 countries.


Latest Update: 15th March 2015

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