By on April 11, 2011

Mashape Updates #4 – Support for JSON API, Updated client libraries, We’re hiring!

Mashape updates

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Hey guys,

In the last 1.5 months, we’ve worked on some major Mashape updates, and we’re excited to announce its release today:

  • We support any JSON API!
    Until now, you had to use our PHP Server Library to distribute an API in Mashape. Today, any existing JSON API can be distributed using our open XML specification! To learn more go to the Guide. Don’t worry, if you like the PHP Library, it’s still there and you can use it as usual.
  • The PHP Library hits version 0.7, update it!
    We’ve released a new version of the PHP Library to natively support the new XML open specification. Update it as soon as you can, because older versions are not compatible with Mashape anymore. Also it includes bug fixes and speed improvements. You can find it on or on GitHub.
  • All the client libraries reached version 0.2
    If you’re using the old ones, please update them! We’ve updated them all to support the new immission mode, among with some security improvements. The old ones are not going to work anymore. We’re already working on version 0.3!
  • 100,000+ requests and counting
    Mashape is growing fast, and we’ve delivered more than 100,000 requests in production environments. With the new immission mode we’re ready to support thousands more APIs, and to expect millions more requests.
  • Mashape is hiring!
    Wow, Just wow. Since we started we never thought we could do all that! And as Mashape grows, we’ll need more help: we need more API fanatics.

As you may know we’re still in an alpha version and we’re preparing to transition soon to the beta stage. We’re still refining the core features of Mashape, and it is required that you update any server or client library you’ve been using so far. The next month will be exciting, stay tuned!

Again, we’re looking for your feedback. If you have any questions or if you’re stuck in the documentation, feel free to contact Marco (CTO) at or drop us an email at