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Mashape Updates #5 – Support for asynchronous requests + Social features

Mashape updates

Stormtroopers working on Mashape updates
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The last month we’ve been working on two highly requested Mashape updates which we’re excited to announce today:

  • Mashapers can now follow each other: follow everyone!
    We’ve added an Hacker Feed in your Dashboard and a “Follow” button on every user profile, so you can always be up to date on what the other Mashapers are doing. For example: when they publish or update an API, or when they start hacking on a new API you never heard before. Starting from today, Mashape is also a social API marketplace 🙂 This is the first version of the feature, expect some interesting new stuff in the following weeks, like a diff tool when APIs are updated (to know what exactly has changed).
  • The client libraries support asynchronous requests
    This feature was highly requested at the TNW Hackathon sponsored by Mashape, and now you can find it in our RubyPython and Java client libraries (we’ll release the new Objective-C client library the next week with built-in async support). As you may know, the PHP language doesn’t support multithreading, so asynchronous requests can’t be supported. All the client libraries have been rewritten and refreshed to version v0.3. If you’re using the old ones, please update them. When making asynchronous requests, the execution of your program is not interrupted while waiting for the response, but it keeps working. The callback function will only be called only when the response is finally received. This prevents, for example, mobile applications from blocking until the response of a request has been received by the client, and allows the graceful handling of delays. Synchronous HTTP requests are still there, and it’s up to you to choose the best mode.
  • Get rewarded with many $100 cash prizes!
    This is an informal and unofficial reward program announcement: You’ll get $100 for every interesting new API published on Mashape starting from today to the end of this month, and consumed regularly (at least 5 requests per day on any method) by at least three different developers (you don’t count, of course) within two months.The contest is open, claim your money by sending an email to

We’re preparing the launch of the Beta Version of Mashape, so we’re looking for your feedback.

We promise to reply almost instantly to any email 🙂