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By on January 24, 2018

Kong EE 0.30 Enhances Microservice Visibility and Resiliency

Kong Inc. is thrilled to announce that Kong Enterprise Edition (EE) Version 0.30 is now shipping. This new microservice API gateway release is aimed at organizations that require sub-milisecond API performance, security, and availability at scale for their multi-node Kong clusters. New features addressing microservice visibility and resiliency include: health checks and circuit breakers, expanded Vitals monitoring, a new canary release plugin, and an improved proxy caching plugin.

Health Checks & Circuit Breakers

Kong now supports two kinds of health checks, which can be used separately or in conjunction:

  • Active Health Checks are periodic requests or “probes” of targets and analyses of responses for health (typically an HTTP success status code) or unhealthiness (potentially TCP errors, timeouts, or HTTP failure status codes above a configured threshold).
  • Circuit Breakers (aka Passive Health Checks) do not generate additional traffic, and instead observe proxied traffic to take action once a target returns unhealthy responses above a certain threshold.

Health checks and circuit breakers are also included in the recently released Kong Community Edition 0.12.

Expanded Vitals Monitoring

Vitals lets you keep track of the activity volume and performance of your API applications and Kong instances, via Kong’s Admin GUI in a web browser and via Kong’s Admin API. Kong EE 0.30 adds monitoring of a broader set of metrics, including request counts, upstream latency and datastore cache performance.

Microservice Visibility and Resiliency with Kong Vitals Monitoring

Vitals metrics are available as a cluster-wide total, or per Kong node. Administrators can quickly look to Vitals for a snapshot of current Kong and API activity, or use the visual data to assist in troubleshooting. Vitals’ API allows easy integration with all monitoring and alerting platforms.

Canary Release Plugin

Use the new Canary Release plugin for controlled roll outs of new microservice versions to a small subset of users. Administrators can assess performance and resiliency of the new software in a production environment by sending only a small number of users to the new version. This plugin also enables roll back to your original upstream service, or shifting all traffic to the new software.

Proxy Caching Plugin Improvements

The Proxy caching plugin now supports Redis (stand-alone and Sentinel) caching of proxy cache entities. This advanced architecture allows cached responses to be shared across Kong nodes. The result is improved resiliency as cached results can fulfill requests received by any Kong node, even when upstream resources become temporarily unavailable.

Additional Features in Kong EE 0.30

This release also adds a number of customer-requested features, enhancements and performance improvements, including:

  • Improved and expanded Enterprise Edition Rate Limiting plugin. Kong now supports “fixed window” usage quotas and hiding of rate limiting-related headers.
  • Hash-based load balancing in Kong EE. Kong now offers consistent hashing/sticky sessions load balancing capabilities based off client IPs, request headers, or consumers.
  • Expanded logging. Kong’s various logging plugins now track unauthorized and rate-limited requests.

With enterprise deployments characterized by a large and variable number interdependent nodes in a production microservices cluster, it’s a near certainty that some component will eventually fail. Having proper redundancy and automation, and utilizing features in Kong EE reduces service interruption risks.

Kong Enterprise subscribers are strongly encouraged to review all changes (subscription required) and upgrade to this valuable new release. Contact your Customer Success Engineer if you have specific questions.

Are you ready to explore using Kong EE to secure and scale your microservice APIs? Request a demo from Kong API experts.

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