July 23, 2019
1 min read

Kong Welcomes Depop as a Customer to the Kong Family!

Sandeep Singh Kohli

Welcome Depop to the Kong Family!

As we grow our footprint globally, we're gaining strong momentum in the UK. We recently added several fast-growing, London-based organizations to the Kong Enterprise community. These organizations are turning to Kong to help power their core business applications and accelerate application development as they shift to microservices-driven architectures.

Among these is Depop, the popular peer-to-peer social shopping app with over 14 million users. The company turned to Kong when it was relaunching its mobile application, which is powered entirely by APIs. The app runs in Docker and Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services and is composed of more than 60 microservices. After evaluating a variety of solutions in side-by-side performance testing, Depop chose Kong Enterprise due to its superior performance, ability to scale and best overall feature set. Because Kong Enterprise is container-ready, it could be used right out of the box, unlike other solutions that had a much more complex implementation. Next, Depop plans to use Kong Enterprise for its website and to manage its internal APIs as well.

We're excited to welcome Depop to the Kong family and help them drive real business impact!