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Paul Graham – Lessons For Startups (2006)

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We extracted the key points from a talk by Paul Graham titled Paul Graham’s Lessons For Startups 2006

  1. Release early – iterate based on users’ reactions & create a sense of urgency to fix live bugs
  2. Keep pumping out features – force yourself to improve by listening to users & avoiding complexity, continuous improvement is great marketing
  3. Make users happy – show users what the software does, loyal users are worth more than gold
  4. Fear the right things – worry about startups and future competitors, not big companies or current competitors. Top concerns: internal miscues, inertia, ignoring users
  5. Commitment is a self-fulfilling prophecy – investors judge startups by the founders’ commitment
  6. There’s always room – think of the possibilities for improvement, not the status quo
  7. Don’t get your hopes up – be flexible, keep other options open, focus on users, be realistic about what you expect from others (users, employees, deals)

Startups are fun 🙂


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