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Running Google Web Toolkit (GWT) & Eclipse plugin on Debian 64bit

Here at Mashape, we are working on a dashboard in Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

GWT is a very interesting project. You can find a lot of useful plugins and an active community. The main issue is that you can’t run GWT and its Eclipse plugin in a pure 64bit environment.

Here’s my problem: my laptop was a pure 64 bit environment. (Trust me, it was not easy to keep it so “pure” in its 2 years of life)

To run GWT on Debian 64bit, I had to follow the steps mentioned on this GWT issue forum: For your convenience, I’ve included the steps below:

// Install 32bit java
* sudo apt-get install ia32-sun-java6-bin

// Configure Eclipse Galileo (Not sure about other versions of eclipse)
* In eclipse goto: Window -> Preferences.
> Expand Java,
> Click on “Installed JREs”

* You’ll see your current JDK in here (mines was openjdk, my 64bit JDK)
> Click “Add”

* I selected “Standard VM”
> Click “Next”

* In the JRE home field, paste in: /usr/lib/jvm/ia32-java-6-sun
> Click “Finish”

* You’ll see your new JRE added to the list in the preferences.
> Keep the 64bit one selected
> Click “OK” to exit from the preferences window

Thats the JRE added, now we need Google Web Toolkit to use it. (Not sure this is 100%
right method)

* After creating a new project,
> Right click the project in the navigator

* Goto Google -> Web Toolkit
> Click on “Run/Debug Settings”

* Click on the JRE tab
> Select “Alternate JRE” button
> Choose “ia32-java-6-sun*****” from the dropdown box
> Click “OK”, and “OK” again for the “Project Properties window”

Your DONE!

The apt-get install of ia32-sun-java6-bin installed ia32-libs, that contains shared libraries compiled for ia32. However, that was not enough. I was still getting a fatal error with libgtk2.0-0 (not found).

The final step, not listed in the link above, is this:

apt-get install ia32-libs-gtk

Now it works, with some warning, but nothing dangerous 🙂

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