By on May 23, 2017

The API Marketplace Joins RapidAPI

We’re happy to announce that Mashape’s API Marketplace product is now part of RapidAPI!

Starting today you can use either a RapidAPI or Mashape API Marketplace account to log into both platforms. Your existing apps and APIs will work the same without any code changes, but you can now view your analytics and projects through different interfaces. Most importantly you can explore over 7,500 public APIs. Find the closest asteroid to you with the NASA API, pull the best running playlists with the Spotify API, or make your app talk like Yoda. We will also be in constant communication with RapidAPI as they grow and expand the API marketplace.

As Mashape moves its focus into Kongour open-source API Gateway, we thought a relationship with RapidAPI was the best decision for the API Marketplace, the community and its future. RapidAPI is deploying full resources and it’s the perfect combination of talent and passion to move a vision we started almost seven years ago into the next phase. We couldn’t find a better home for you.

We can’t hide our bittersweet feelings for letting go the API Marketplace, but it was the right decision for our business. A long time ago, before APIs and Microservices, we thought software was going to be built like Henry Ford’s assembly line. The Marketplace was our first product, what brought us to San Francisco, and most importantly the mother of Kong. Without the API Marketplace there wouldn’t be our open-source API Gateway and its millions of downloads.

The API marketplace grew from 50 developers during our Alpha launch in 2010 to over 350,000 developers today, powering billions of API calls. In these short few years we’ve paid out millions to API providers and watched competitors come and go. Over the years we’ve seen several developers sell an API on the marketplace as their only source of income and enjoy a good life, some started their first business with us, some grew and raised several rounds of funding, and some pushed science forward.

We’ll miss you and the incredible Marketplace community, but we’re excited to watch the platform’s continued  “rapid” growth for many years to come.

The Mashape Team

PS: Join us for drinks later today at the RapidAPI HQ


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