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TNW Hackathon + Conference – A week after.

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Wow, time flies! It has already been a week since the amazing TheNextWeb Hackathon and Conference.

TheNextWeb (TNW) 2011 ConferenceThe TNW 2011 conference and hackathon took place last week. I spent 4 beautiful days in the beautiful city of Amsterdam; people there are very sociable and nice. Since we are traveling for work, we sometimes miss the chance to discover new places as we’re too focused on our job all day. Nonetheless, just as we were about to leave, we started missing the place, the new people we’ve met, and the unique atmosphere in the city. We’re glad that we’ve gained more knowledge to share for the next trip. Thanks Amsterdam, for that piece of uniqueness.

We saw around 70 developers pushing out code at the TNW hackathon last Tuesday/ Wednesday. They were hacking on top of cool APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Mobypicture, Gbanga, Mashape “”, Amazon, Tradeshift)  to build something useful in less than 48 hours. We saw both developers and designers coming from all over Europe to Amsterdam to create their badass applications.

After the hackathon ended, it was time for the developers to showcase their projects. The panel of judges include: Simon Cross (Facebook), Rudy de Waele (AppCircus), Vogels Werner (Amazon), Josep Pujol (3Scale), Dave Winer and Adam Duvander (ProgrammableWeb).

Emailtox, built by @Tsheeeep and @lainasemanuel was finally crowned the winner of the hackathon. At this point, I’d also like to thank all the developers who participated in the hackathon. In particular, @melvinmt @jodok, @schwendinger, @burndee, @kampitsch, @fijter, @machielse, @pr1001, @kluivers, @Pallieter, @dusker, @srgtuszy, @caapers, @peterkaptein, @michielgardner and @glnn.

Thursday and Friday were like rocket days due to the Conference. I have only one regret, I missed the Queens Day this year, but I swear I will never make this mistake again! 😉

A well deserved thanks and congratulations goes to all TNW team: Boris (@boris), Patrick (@patrick), Arjen (@arjenschat), Sam (@samwierema), Sophie (@claqueur) as well as Hermione (@hermioneway).


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