By on March 3, 2014

Voice and SMS API Company, Plivo, Joins Mashape

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PlivoThe telephony business is notoriously complex.  With legacy carriers and networks, developers are challenged to maintain old customer support systems; let alone face the task of developing new features and applications.

Mashape is pleased to have Plivo, a cloud communications company, join our community.  With Plivo’s solution you get a simple infrastructure service, which handles everything from carrier contracts to call quality and messaging deliverability to technical support.

Plivo enables developers and businesses to build powerful Voice and SMS apps without carrier lock-in.  The Plivo API enables you to make and receive calls, send SMS, make a conference call, as well as control the flow of a call or a message.   Imagine building full-scale conference apps with unique call flows or adding SMS two-factor authentication to your mobile app; best of all, you can use any web language and there’s no upfront costs.

Also, Plivo allows native Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) support so it’s easy to connect your existing telecom infrastructure and carrier contracts to the cloud.  Additionally the API is platform independent and can be used in any programming environment such as Curl, Java, Node, PHP, Python, Objective C, and Ruby.

Plivo has helped businesses of various sizes build applications for customer call centers, web conferences, SMS notifications and more.  With their API you can easily build a customized solution that meets the exacting needs of your business.

Try Plivo’s API today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

[snippet id=”1246″]

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