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Kore Labs Launches Its Flagship Cloud Native Platform With Kong

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Modular Architecture

Modular architecture implemented to simplify management of highly regulated financial products.

Dramatic Cost Reduction

Cut infrastructure costs by 80% with the ability to autoscale Kubernetes-native platform.

Flexibility and Speed

Secure service routes set up in minutes while using Kong’s flexible plugin library to support common integration needs (OAuth2, JWT, Prometheus, etc.)


  • Needed to re-architect aging, on-premise infrastructure and to adopt an agile, API-first approach to take full advantage of the cloud.
  • Transitioning a key monolithic application into a modular framework to support a wide range of customer use cases and architecture patterns.
  • Required a more systematic approach and best-in-class tools to ensure regulatory compliance.


  • Established a cloud-native Product Relationship Management (PRM) solution that can be deployed in any region.
  • Significantly accelerated the ability to build, test and deploy software in cloud computing environments.
  • Access to 24/7/365 enterprise-level support to ensure consistent uptime.

Delivering Governance and Successful Client Outcomes Through Product Relationship Management

Kore is a SaaS solution that provides financial institutions with the ability to digitize data and events throughout the financial product lifecycle. Organizations are using Kore to easily aggregate, organize, visualize and analyze product data all in one place – delivering business and regulatory oversight for senior leaders, a cross-product management tool for specialists, and an intuitive product hub for frontline users.

With the world’s first Product Relationship Management (PRM) SaaS platform, Kore provides a defensible digital audit trail of all events in the lifecycle of financial products that are recorded with atomic precision and retrievable at the touch of a button. Kore is transforming data into actionable insights and is helping financial services product and governance teams to stay in compliance and deliver positive business outcomes for their clients.

Enabling Business Agility Through Software Modularization

Kore quickly garnered notoriety across the financial services industry with the launch of its PRM platform in 2020. Following the company’s early commercial success and exponential growth, Angelo Ovidi, chief architect and head of technology at Kore, strategically pivoted the start-up organization’s roadmap towards a full re-architecture of the platform. This allowed the company to migrate away from its previous outdated architecture in favor of an agile, modular framework that would more aptly support its rapidly growing customer base.

“When we redesigned our product in order to scale, the first thing we did was completely change our architecture,” said Ovidi. “Since our customers are our top priority, we wanted to provide them with a modular, API-centric solution that would allow them to select from a specific subset of our offering and quickly meet their immediate business needs.”

OSS to Enterprise: Kore Ignites Cloud Native Shift With Kong

In their search for a modern service connectivity solution to support the organization’s platform redesign, Ovidi and his team first identified Kong’s open source API gateway (Kong Gateway) as an intriguing option. Especially appealing was the gateway’s lightweight nature and active community of open source users who regularly contribute back towards the continued development of the platform and its ecosystem.

“We started with the community edition of Kong and ran some initial tests – soon after, we upgraded to take full advantage of the platform’s enterprise offerings and SLA support,” said Ovidi. “When you are supporting a set of very prominent enterprise customers, the value of having an enterprise-grade platform like Kong supporting your team is undeniable.”

Enterprise Support Ranks High for Kore

“Kong provides us with a ton of flexibility to interact with not only our customers, but with all parties involved, as there is great documentation provided and the platform itself is deployable across any environment,” said Ovidi.

Among Kore’s foremost reasons for upgrading to Kong, gaining access to 24/7/365 SLA enterprise support as well as an extensive library of more than 50 enterprise-grade policies ranked high on the team’s list. Additionally, the ability to quickly ramp its developers via detailed product documentation was another key factor that influenced Kore’s long-term investment in the Kong platform.

“It’s a seamless process to onboard Kong, and it only takes a few minutes for our developers to set up a new service route. The amount of plugins provided through the platform gives us the flexibility to connect Kong with just about anything we want to,” Ovidi shared.

A Passport for
All-Inclusive Connectivity

“When it comes to integration, Kong acts like a passport for your team, allowing you to easily connect with partners who are already using Kong themselves – making the integration process very smooth for both sides,” said Ovidi.

Kore has been able to extend the core capabilities of its product through Kong to enable seamless integration with its clients’ pre-existing architecture as well as the technology provisioned by its third-party partners. “We view Kong as a technology solution that brings customers and partners together, providing a common ground for building great business relationships.”

Kore Invests in an API-Driven Methodology

“There is a reason why architects, developers and operators are switching to an API-driven platform like Kong to support modular architectural transformations. Similar to working with lego bricks, Kong’s API gateway makes it very easy for your team to independently add and remove pieces from a specific project without affecting your company’s overarching infrastructure,” Ovidi shared.

Just as Kore complements an existing tech stack with a modular toolkit for facilitating cross-functional project visibility, Kong was built from the ground up to accommodate development best practices and promote data-driven models of efficiency. As top financial institutions continue to onboard Kore at an increasing rate, they are also inherently investing in both aforementioned platforms – further enabling their teams to innovate faster and capture considerably more digital opportunities in the cloud native era.

“Kong has performed consistently from day one – the platform is extremely reliable for managing high workloads, and it has alleviated operational work for our developers’ so they can continue to build and focus on innovating.”

Laying the Foundation for Architectural Freedom

Acknowledging that every financial institution is at a different stage of their cloud journey, Kore has focused its efforts on creating customer-centric solutions that are designed to adapt to the needs of its clients, no matter where they are on their technology modernization path. By way of Kong’s extensibility and overall ease of use, the Kore team has successfully re-architected its on-premise product into a cloud-enabled, SaaS solution to provide its clients with a PRM that can be deployed in any region.

“It took our team about eight months to develop the original version of our application. In comparison, to build our modular application from scratch with Kong, it only took about one month of total development time – despite the additional features and functionality that we included in the new solution,” said Ovidi.

Alleviating Costs Through Kubernetes-Native Orchestration

In addition to using Kong to accelerate development velocity and begin to lay the foundation for architectural freedom moving forward, Kong’s Kubernetes Ingress Controller has provided Kore with the ability to natively orchestrate its Kubernetes environment and gain more control over cloud cost optimization and infrastructure expenditure.

“We are now completely cloud native, and Kong itself is running within its own Kubernetes cluster. Through our modular, API-first approach enabled by Kong, we now have the ability to autoscale our Kubernetes clusters and provision for the exact usage we require at any one time – cutting our infrastructure costs by 80%.”

“We knew the key to our modernization would be to have a great API gateway at the center of it all – we thoroughly scouted for solutions and found Kong to be the best on the market.”

– Angelo Ovidi, Chief Architect and Head of Technology at Kore Labs

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