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SoulCycle Spins Up Kong to Power its Podium Platform


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SoulCycle Case Study

SoulCycle offers cycling-based fitness classes across the U.S., Canada and Europe. SoulCycle is a growing fitness market leader with more than 50,000 riders a week attending classes. With aggressive growth targets, SoulCycle needed to leverage technology to better integrate with partners and enable expansion into new business models. Challenging this vision, SoulCycle’s monolithic architecture presented a critical bottleneck to service development and scalability.

To address these challenges, Jason Rodriguez, VP of Engineering, and his team created the SoulCycle Podium Platform to support agile development for all internal and externally-facing applications. To cope with the rapid growth of Podium, SoulCycle began transitioning several of its applications to a service-oriented architecture, leveraging containerization and Kubernetes. As part of this transition, Rodriguez and his team quickly realized the need for an API platform that could efficiently support SoulCycle’s more than 30 services, utilities, and monoliths across multiple clouds at scale. “We needed to accelerate our development process, and containerization was the best route to accomplish that,” Rodriguez said. “We have a number of legacy monolithic applications, and as we evaluated API platform solutions, we knew we needed something that could support what we have today and what we’re building with Kubernetes and Podium.” To enable seamless coordination between its traditional and cloud-native service architectures, SoulCycle turned to Kong Enterprise to serve as its Kubernetes ingress and API gateway.


  • Inadequate release velocity and development agility
  • Managing services across multiple clouds and platforms
  • Difficulty scaling rapidly with demand
  • Challenging service discovery


  • Kong with Kubernetes for 30+ microservices and nine environments
  • Single API platform unifying Kubernetes microservices and monoliths across multi-cloud
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling with high-availability Kong clusters
  • Unified entrance point for all Podium services


  • Orders of magnitude increase in development velocity
  • Seamless communication across services in AWS and GCP
  • Fault tolerant and horizontally scalable across all environments
  • Streamlined developer onboarding and simplified management

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