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As companies embrace microservices, they face increased demands for network reliability, observability and security. In recent years, service meshes have emerged as a solution for these challenges, but first-generation meshes have not gained broad adoption due to high complexity and limited deployment options. To effectively meet new demands, companies must embrace mesh solutions that facilitate ease-of-use and work across platforms.

Kuma enables reliable service connectivity for every application by providing identity, security and observability across all traffic in the data-center. Built on top of Envoy, Kuma was designed specifically for ease-of-use and ease-of-deployment to accelerate mesh implementations without requiring changes to existing applications. With low operational cost, support for multi-tenancy, and the ability to run natively on VMs or on Kubernetes, Kuma enables pragmatic adoption of Service Mesh.



Enable mTLS for all L4 traffic. Easily set and manage permissions for all users.



Deploy in any environment. Get started in minutes. Manage intuitively with simple commands.



Integrate with Kong to unify communications across N-S and E-W traffic for all platforms.

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