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Kong Immunity: Adaptive Oversight

The shift to microservices is accelerating; according to IDC, “by 2022, 90% of all apps will feature microservices architectures.” 1 With the microservices revolution in full swing, organizations must prepare themselves for new challenges stemming from increased east-west traffic. It is now incumbent on organizations to effectively monitor thousands of endpoints to ensure optimal security, performance and reliability.

Kong Immunity leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand users’ traffic patterns and autonomously identify anomalous behavior. Proactively identify and isolate issues as they occur. Understand service behavior at a granular level. Create rules to better identify problems. Analyze and address issues immediately with real-time alerts. 

1IDC FutureScape, 2018. 



Train models to autonomously analyze traffic and alert you to anomalous activity. Create rules to separate signal from noise. 


Contextualize anomalies in the service map. Isolate impacted services and Prioritize based on severity.


Get alerts in real-time via email, Slack and the Kong Immunity UI. Track ongoing issue resolution status.

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