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In recent years, REST-based microservices have gained broad adoption in organizations seeking to take advantage of distributed architectures. As new use cases such as IoT continue to gain traction, however, organizations are increasingly adopting advanced protocols such as GraphQL, gRPC, and Kafka to compliment their REST microservices. The addition of these emerging protocols creates new challenges for organizations in how they connect, secure, and manage services with different protocols across varying environments, platforms and patterns.

Kong Protocol Translation enables users to seamlessly connect services across REST, gRPC, GraphQL, and streaming data services. Use Kong to allow your developers to build new services in Apollo or Kafka and expose them instantly through Kong to distribute enterprise-wide. Implement consistent policies for authentication, rate-limiting, and more across all your services regardless of their underlying protocol. Gain global visibility across your entire service architecture to streamline reporting workflows, isolate issues in real-time, and make dynamic configuration changes.



Use the best tool to create better, faster and more reliable services. Instantly enable your teams to build using REST, gRPC, GraphQL and Kafka.


Unlock new opportunities and ecosystems without creating integration overhead. Increase collaboration between teams to bring new products to market faster.



Enforce consistent standards across all your services to improve security and increase compliance. Gain global visibility to rapidly diagnose issues impacting production.

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