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The shift to microservices is accelerating; according to IDC, “by 2022, 90% of all apps will feature microservices architectures.”1 This new paradigm promises new challenges for enterprise teams in how they collaborate to securely manage an ever-increasing number of APIs and services across various environments, platforms and patterns. 

Kong Teams organizes developers into working groups, implements policies across entire environments, and quickly onboards new users while ensuring compliance. Role-Based Access Control and Workspaces allow users to assign administrative privileges and easily grant or limit access privileges to individual users and consumers, entire teams, partner companies, and environments across the Kong platform.

1IDC FutureScape, 2018. 



Segment your developer team within the same cluster into workspaces with all relevant API entities. Allow each team to manage their own entities and access their own developer portal without disrupting each other’s operations.


Grant and restrict permissions to Kong users and developers according to their roles. Apply fine-grained control while scaling with RBAC at the entity level.



Restrict authorization and access to routes and services to only what users need to do their jobs. Allow teams to customize and enforce necessary access controls for each workspace.  

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