Intro to End-To-End Connectivity

25 Jan
Jan 25, 2023
10:00AM CST
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    The End-To-End Connectivity LAByrinth, provides DevOps Teams & architects an opportunity to get hands-on skills & experience they need to connect microservices & APIs within & across clouds, Kubernetes, and data centers.

    Learn to easily expose your backend services as secure, scalable APIs that developers will actually want to use. With hands-on experience, you’ll prepare your API strategy for 2023 and beyond. You’ll walk away knowing how to secure & monitor your traffic policies, track configuration changes, and have dived into end-to-end API publishing and API security.

    During this session;

    • Build & control containerized and VM-based applications across any cloud, orchestrator, platform or protocol
    • Add plugins that ensure consistent policies across services
    • Encode governance into onboarding via roles-based access control (RBAC)
    • Automate workflows through seamless integrations into leading CI/CD tools

    The LAByrinths are designed to be an interactive, hands-on experience. Please turn on cameras & mics.



    • 10:00 Introductions & Kong Overview
    • 10:15 Overview: Hands on Kong Enterprise Labs
    • 10:20 Lab 1 – Accelerating your journey to microservices
    • 10:45 Lab 2 – Securing and governing APIs and services (Open ID)
    • Break
    • 11:45 Lab 3 – Automating the Developer pipeline (GitOps lab)
    • 11:20 Lab 4 – Managing across platforms with a Kubernetes-native solution
    • 11:45 Questions
    • 12:00 Close