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Getting Started with Mesh



    The lab-based curriculum provides DevOps teams & architects an opportunity to get hands-on skills & experience they need to get started with mesh.

    This workshop uses the experience of hundreds of practitioners and experts that have shaped the requirements for launching a service mesh successfully in an enterprise.

    Learn how to secure traffic and perform intelligent traffic routing to achieve zero trust security across any cloud. You will leave understanding how to gain visibility across all mesh traffic to drive operational efficiency.


    • Deploy a turnkey service mesh with a single command
    • Group services by attributes to efficiently apply policies
    • Manage multiple service meshes as tenants of a single control plane
    • Deploy the service mesh across any environment, including multi-cluster, multi-cloud and multi-platform
    • Manage service meshes natively in Kubernetes using CRDs


    The LAByrinths are designed to be an interactive, hands-on experience. Please turn on cameras & mics. We’ve provided a few Zoom backgrounds for you to use and encourage you to show us your favorite Zoom background – quirky, silly or otherwise!


    Please have Zoom plug-ins installed within your browser. You will be able to talk & turn on your video much like a live event.



    • 10 minutes Roundtable introductions
    • 20 minutes Service Mesh: Why now, and what’s different?
    • 30 minutes Lab 1 – Installing Kong Mesh
    • 15 minutes Break
    • 30 minutes Lab 2 – Securing and monitoring services
    • 30 minutes Lab 3 – Connecting your mesh and your API gateway
    • 5 minutes Questions & Closing

    Maximizing API Security and Extensibility: Best Practices

    Learn how to unlock the full potential of your API infrastructure

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