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Galileo & Gelato End-of-Life Announcement

Last Revised: April 5, 2022

Two of our previous product offerings have reached End-of-Life. Gelato and Galileo will no longer be supported as of Feb 1, 2019. This means no engineering effort will be applied to either product going forward, and will shut down on Feb 1, 2019.

A driving factor for any technology company is deciding how best to serve its users, and changing course as needed. This means that previous product offerings may eventually reach their natural End-of-Life due to new and better technologies being made available, marketplace changes, or source technologies being no longer available.

Kong’s goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for our customers and partners, and to provide as much visibility as possible into your options after an offering’s End-of-Life.

Note to Enterprise customers: If you’re still using Gelato and/or Galileo, we will assess your needs personally and do our best to accommodate. Please contact your Customer Success Representative with any questions.


Kong Hosted Gelato and On-Premise are no longer available for sale, and the following End-of-Life policy applies:

  • Kong Inc. will provide technical assistance (Support) until February 1, 2019, provided a valid service contract is maintained on the product.
  • Both hosted and on-Premise Gelato Software will reach End-of-Life on February 1, 2019.
  • Migration options for both Hosted and On-Premise Gelato are as follows:


Gelato has been replaced with the new Kong Dev Portal, which will help us offer a more robust feature set as we grow.

Full feature comparison:

Gelato Kong Dev Portal Features


View the docs.


Kong Enterprise Galileo software is no longer available for sale, and the following End-of-Life policy applies:


We’ve made the tough choice to no longer support Galileo, with Kong Vitals being offered as a much simpler and pared-down tool within Kong, though they serve different purposes. Galileo was built to provide a full suite of API analytics; Kong Vitals focuses on real-time troubleshooting and health monitoring. Vitals can be further enhanced with optional plugins, like StatsD or Prometheus (both new in EE 0.33).

This shift allows us to focus on our core mission, which is to offer the most scalable, highly performant enterprise-class API platform possible, and ensure Kong remains flexible & future-proof for modern architectures, including cloud, microservices, and containers.