Migration Notes: Gelato to Kong Developer Portal

Last Revised: October 21, 2020

The full announcement of the End-of-Life of Gelato can be found here. This page is to provide helpful considerations when migrating from Gelato to the Kong Developer Portal.

Note to Enterprise customers: If you’re still using Gelato and/or Galileo, we will assess your needs personally and do our best to accommodate. Please contact your Customer Success Representative with any questions.


Data Types

There are two types of data to consider with regards to a Gelato <=> Kong Dev Portal migration:

  • Data that Gelato saves in the Kong datastore
  • Data that only exists in the Gelato (or Mashape ID) datastore

Data that Gelato saves in the Kong datastore

Data not needed post-migration

Some of this data is not needed in KDP, since it is stored in Kong so Gelato can interact with the Admin API:

  • gelato-admin API
    • associated key-auth and acl plugins
  • gelato-connection consumer
    • associated key-auth and acl plugins
    • associated acl group gelato

Data that may be needed post-migration

The remaining data that Gelato saves in the Kong datastore will be needed in the KDP. This data includes:

  • consumer record that Gelato creates in Kong for each developer in Gelato
  • keys, OAuth apps/tokens, etc for each consumer – Gelato supports the following Kong auth types:
    • OAuth 2
    • JWT
    • HMAC
    • Basic Auth
    • Key Auth

Some data adjustments will be necessary to make these consumer records function correctly (be able to login with auth credentials) with Kong Developer Portal:

  • The consumer records need to have the type and status attributes updated
  • Gelato developers are required to have an email which is saved as username for the associated Kong consumer – this should be updated as the email attribute for the same consumer
  • Further data adjustments may be necessary

Data that only exists in the Gelato (or Mashape ID) datastore

Guides and Pages (HTML or Markdown)

  • This content is stored in the Gelato database and could be exported (model: Tutorial, attributes: content and plain_content)

Custom Sections, Customer Header, Custom Footer (HTML and CSS)

  • This content is stored in the Gelato database and could be exported (models: CustomSection, CustomHeader, CustomFooter, attributes: content and css_content)

API Reference (Resources, Endpoints, Definitions, Parameters, etc.)

  • This is very difficult to migrate to the new dev portal because Gelato does not store this as one data blob and instead stores each different element as its own record
  • Recommendation would be for customers to use the same Swagger file that they imported into Gelato for the new dev portal (note: Gelato supports RAML v0.8 and API Blueprint, but the new portal does not)

Admins (stored in Gelato and Mashape ID)

  • These would be very difficult to migrate as there is no connection between Gelato admins and Kong (RBAC users or anything else). Admins originate from Mashape ID, but Gelato also creates its own record for each admin.