Kong for Kubernetes

The only fully native Kubernetes Ingress Controller for enhanced API management


Organizations adopting Kubernetes need an enterprise-grade ingress solution to enable native management, security and monitoring of traffic entering their Kubernetes clusters. Kong for Kubernetes is the industry’s only Kubernetes-native ingress solution that provides end-to-end API management, robust security, and 24×7 support.


Natively Manage APIs in Kubernetes

Manage your Ingress through kubectl and CRDs backed by an Operator that automatically reconciles the state of your ingress. Enable GitOps via declarative config to boost efficiency and ensure consistency.

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Control Access Across Clusters

Leverage Kubernetes namespace-based RBAC model to ensure consistent access controls without adding overhead. Easily implement policies across all your clusters via plugins.

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Plugin the CNCF Ecosystem

Instantly integrate with CNCF projects such as Prometheus and Jaeger. Unify control and configuration of all your cloud native tools declaratively or via the same kubectl or CRDs.


Running Mission-Critical Microservices & APIs on Kong Enterprise

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