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Kong Studio enables spec-first development for all REST and GraphQL services. With Kong Studio, organizations can accelerate design and test workflows via automated testing, direct Git sync, and inspection of all response types. Teams of all sizes can use Kong Studio to increase development velocity, reduce deployment risk, and increase collaboration.

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Customer Voice

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Customer Voice

“With Kong, we knew that we would get something that would work perfectly with our technology today and set us up for where we want to go with microservices.”

Kanaderu Fukuda,
Senior Manager of Computing Platform, Yahoo! Japan

Customer Voice

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Customer Voice

“As we evaluated API platforms, it was critical that the vendor we chose could simultaneously support our existing services in the public cloud with what we are building in Kubernetes. Kong offered us the ability to unify services across clouds, which gave us the flexibility to build new services iteratively and how we wanted without fear of cloud lock-in.”

Jason Rodriguez,
VP of Engineering at SoulCycle

Customer Voice

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Customer Voice

“We put Agile, DevOps and CI/CD at the heart of everything we do, and we realized that we needed new tooling to match the new ways we wanted to build products and services”

Jason Walker,
Sr Enterprise Architect, Cargill


Reduce Deployment Risk

Use Kong Studio to simplify testing and debugging for all REST and GraphQL services. Easily test against multiple authentication types, including OAuth. Analyze dependencies across complex use cases with request chaining to minimize downstream risks.

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Increase Development Velocity

Empower your teams with a suite of tools for designing and testing REST and GraphQL specs. Use environment variables to eliminate manual entering of values. Encourage collaboration with easy imports and exports of tests data, dedicated workspaces, and contextualized notes.

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Increase Developer ROI

Apply spec-first development practices to maximize portability and sharing of services across teams. Minimize onboarding friction by adopting OpenAPI spec standards, and pushing specs to the Developer Portal with a single click.

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