Kong Manager

Global Visibility with Granular Control

As software architectures become more complex, organizations need an easy way to manage their services.

Use Kong Manager to organize teams, adjust policies, and monitor performance with just a few clicks.

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Kong Manager

Organize for Scale Using Workspaces
Group your teams, services and consumers exactly how you want them.

Make updates instantly
Create new routes and services, activate or deactivate plugins in seconds.

Monitor your service health
Visualize performance through a single pane of glass using customizable dashboards.


Dynamic Management

Instantly activate or deactivate plugins to adjust policies at multiple levels. Seamlessly onboard internal and external developers.

Improved Governance

Logically organize your teams, services and consumers. Limit access with fully customizable roles-based access controls (RBAC).

Optimized Performance

Monitor the health of your deployment globally or at a granular level. Identify and address performance issues in real time.

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