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A GitOps Approach to Kong Gateway and Kong Mesh

Driven by the rise of Kubernetes, more and more companies are adopting cloud-native patterns to deploy their applications. To deploy applications to Kubernetes, developers and operators use YAML files to describe the desired state of those applications. However, if that configuration is applied to Kubernetes directly, we can lose visibility into who made the change, what changes were made, and why. 

This is where GitOps comes in. GitOps means using a Git repository that contains a declarative configuration of the infrastructure currently desired in the production environment coupled with an automated process to make the production environment match the described state in the repository. This provides a version-controlled record of who made changes to applications and a record of why the changes were made as well as the ability to easily roll back to previous deployment configurations. In this guide, we will walk through several tools involved that can implement a GitOps system and use it to deploy Kong Gateway, Kong Mesh, and configuration for both in a Kubernetes environment.
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