Service Mesh, Simplified

Ready to take your services from a mess to mesh?

Kong’s service mesh injects the same dynamic functionality we provide at the edge into a  mesh pattern. Same Kong, new way to use it.

You don’t manage services, you lead them. Start experiencing end-to-end control, visibility, resiliency, and security with Kong’s service mesh. 

Secure by Design

Kong's service mesh secures your services, no matter where they run


Layered Defense

Integrate multiple layers of security with Kong plugins

End-to-end Encryption

Secure communication at every step of the request lifecycle

Intelligent Access

Mutual TLS enables plugins to function only when required

Support All Your Deployments

From centralized to de-centralized architectures





Service Mesh

03 - service mesh


04 - serverless

Kong optimizes your services, regardless of deployment pattern, environment, or use case