Kong University Online Courses

Access a library of over 70 self-paced online courses.

Courses Include:

Beginner Online Courses

  • Kong 1.0 and Beyond: Preparing for a Cloud-Native World
  • Kong Core Technology
  • Using Kong Konnect Edition
  • Kong for Multi-cloud: Accelerating Your Digital Transformation
  • Service Control Platform
  • Deployment Patterns – API Gateway Patterns
  • Deployment Patterns – Load Balancing

Intermediate Online Courses

  • Improve Microservices with Health Checks and Circuit Breakers
  • Secure and Manage Serverless Functions with Kong
  • Service Mesh Architecture: Monoliths, Microservices, and Beyond
  • Install and Scale Kong on Kubernetes
  • Deploying Kong in Kubernetes, Monitoring Traces & Collecting Traffic Metrics
  • Kong & Datadog: Boost Performance Through Observability at Scale

Virtual Lab Courses

  • Services, Routes, Plugins and Consumers
  • Proxy-Cache
  • Rate Limiting Advanced
  • Enable RBAC
  • Create Team Workspaces
  • Create Workspace Users
  • Create a Shared Service Across Workspaces
  • OpenID Connect – Authentication
  • Custom Plugins – Create a Custom Plugin
  • Kong for Kubernetes (getting started, using Kong Ingress and more)