How to Rapidly Design, Publish and Consume APIs and Services

June 03, 9:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Accelerate time to market and reduce costs with automation.

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    About this Webinar

    Is your developer platform a roadblock to moving fast? Organizations embracing distributed architectures risk slowing development velocity, increasing management overhead and reducing service discoverability due to their legacy API platforms.

    Join Kong’s Senior Solutions Engineer Aaron Miller and Product Marketing Manager Aaron Qayumi as they share how to overcome these challenges and automate delivery at your organization. 

    You will learn how to: 

    • Boost developer productivity with frictionless onboarding and service discovery
    • Reduce deployment risk by declaratively configuring Kubernetes and your gateway 
    • Speed up time to market by integrating to CI/CD tools and adopting spec-driven development

    Presented By

    Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller

    Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong

    Aaron Qayumi

    Aaron Qayumi

    Product Marketing Manager, Kong