Kong Brain & Kong Immunity: Manage Microservices at Scale Using AI/ML

February 05, 9:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Automate processes to improve efficiency, accuracy and security with Kong Brain and Kong Immunity.

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    About this Webinar

    Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Kong Brain and Kong Immunity help automate the entire API and service development life cycle. By automating processes for configuration, traffic analysis and the creation of documentation, Kong Brain and Kong Immunity help organizations improve efficiency, governance, reliability and security.

    Join Product Manager Paul Dickens and Senior Software Manager Rob Serafini on this webinar for an in-depth look into how Kong Brain automates API and service documentation and how Kong Immunity uses advanced machine learning to analyze traffic patterns to diagnose and improve security.

    Webinar takeaways:

    • Gain an understanding of the unique challenges organizations face as they increasingly adopt microservices and decentralized architectures
    • Learn how AI and machine learning improve efficiency, reliability, governance and security for APIs and services
    • Hear where utilizing AI and machine learning will head in relation to APIs and the service development lifecycle

    Presented By

    Paul Dickens

    Product Manager at Kong Inc.

    Rob Serafini

    Rob Serafini

    Senior Software Manager at Kong Inc.