Best CI/CD Practices for Microservice Development

October 31, 10:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Address Scalability Issues with Microservices Pipelines

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About this Webinar

Microservices adoption is well underway at many organizations. But as development stacks grow in diversity and feature releases that affect multiple services become increasingly common, leveraging CI/CD tools becomes critical to maintaining or improving development velocity.

In this presentation Nijiko Yonskai, engineering manager at Kong, and Mike Bilodeau, senior product marketing manager, present best practices and practical use cases for developing CI/CD pipelines that allow microservices to scale.

Key Takeaways

    • Understand the advantages of a robust CI/CD process in microservices architectures.
    • Why conventional, manual processes won’t cut it in a microservices architecture.
    • Best practices for designing pipelines that enable microservices to scale.

Presented By

Nijiko Yonskai

Nijiko Yonskai

Engineering Manager, Kong

Mike Bilodeau

Mike Bilodeau

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kong