Kong Enterprise 0.35 Overview – Kong Manager, Dev Portal, Kong Brain, Kong Immunity

June 19, 9:00 AM (Pacific Time)

An overview of Kong Enterprise highlighting the latest and greatest features including updates to Kong Manager, the Kong Developer Portal, Kong Brain and Kong Immunity, and new Enterprise plugins.

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About this Webinar

The Kong Enterprise API Platform provides the features and functionality organizations need to manage complex modern architectures at scale. With Kong Manager’s consumer-grade UI, a fully customizable Developer Portal, machine learning-fueled assisted service management, and advanced plugins, Kong Enterprise empowers organizations to connect and manage their APIs and microservices no matter where they run.

In this presentation, we cover the key features of Kong Enterprise and guide you through some of the latest updates including:

  • New and improved Kong Manager
  • Major updates to the Kong Developer Portal
  • An overview of the latest machine learning-driven assisted service management tools, Kong Brain and Kong Immunity
  • Updated Kong Enterprise Plugins

Presented By

Paul Dickens

Paul Dickens

Product Manager, Kong Inc.

Jordan Lawler

Jordan Lawler

Senior Software Engineer, Kong Inc.

Rob Serafini

Rob Serafini

Senior Engineering Manager, Kong Inc.