Go From Zero to Service Mesh in 45 Minutes With Kong Mesh

Last Revised: September 16, 2020


  • About this Webinar

    Are you an enterprise architect who is currently facing the challenge to secure and observe service connectivity across every cloud and every cluster?

    Kong Mesh, built on top of CNCF’s Kuma and Envoy, is a universal service mesh delivering simplicity and scalability to every application. Combined with Kong Enterprise it provides a full-stack connectivity platform to modernize your business with end-to-end traffic reliability, zero-trust network security and global observability.

    Join us as Kong’s CTO Marco Palladino shares service mesh best practices for the enterprise.

    You will leave knowing how to: 

    • Deploy a turnkey service mesh with a single command and manage multiple service meshes as tenants of a single control plane across multi-cluster, multi-cloud and multi-platform environments
    • Manage your service mesh natively in Kubernetes using CRDs, or start with a service mesh in VM environments and migrate to Kubernetes at your own pace
    • Integrate into the Kong Enterprise platform for full stack connectivity including Ingress and Egress traffic for your service mesh



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Universal service mesh for enterprise organizations focused on simplicity, security and scalability

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