Building and Deploying a Service Mesh From Scratch

Last Revised: September 16, 2020


About this Webinar

As companies embrace microservices, they face increased demands for network reliability, observability and security. In recent years, service meshes have emerged as a solution for these challenges, but first-generation meshes have not gained broad adoption due to high complexity and limited deployment options.

In this webinar, Kong CTO & Co-Founder Marco Palladino will demystify the present complexity around service mesh and unpack its key concepts, benefits and pitfalls. You’ll walk away with everything you need to know to help your team deploy service mesh within minutes.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand the basics of service mesh and begin to conceptualizing its more advanced topics
  • How service mesh can help you achieve security, reliability and observability of your application traffic.
  • How your team can easily deploy service mesh in production in a few minutes on both modern Kubernetes platforms and more traditional VM-based ones.


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