Deploying Kong in Kubernetes, Monitoring Traces & Collecting Traffic Metrics

Last Revised: March 28, 2019

Follow the instruction executed on the webinar demonstrating Kong + Ingress + Prometheus/Grafana + Zipkin/Jaeger

About this Webinar

Kong fits gracefully into the Kubernetes ecosystem. It can be deployed as an Ingress controller to manage Ingress traffic, a service mesh to connect microservices, or both. Kong itself can be configured entirely using Kubernetes Custom Resources with the Kubernetes Ingress controller.

In this presentation Kong CTO Marco Palladino will discuss Ingress and mesh deployment patterns, and demonstrate how Kong and Kubernetes work together to control north-south traffic.

Webinar takeaways:

  • Learn how to deploy and configure Kong in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Leverage cloud native tools to setup tracing and traffic metric collection
  • Understand Ingress and mesh deployment patterns for Kong

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