Kong 1.0 and Beyond: Preparing for a Cloud Native World

Last Revised: September 26, 2019


About this Webinar

With Kong 1.0, we confirm that Kong is a proven, robust, stable, and production-ready API management platform. Kong stands poised as an API gateway, service mesh, and the basis for a control platform that will serve users faithfully as their information exchange needs, and those of the industry, change.

As the amount of data and services explodes, enterprises must prepare for a cloud-native world that enables them to free and scale their architectures.

In this presentation, Kong CTO & Co-Founder, Marco Palladino, and Director of Ecosystem, Cooper Marcus, will walk us through the journey towards Kong 1.0 and share the vision that positions Kong as a service control platform for all of your data flows, regardless of your chosen architecture or deployment patterns.

Webinar takeaways:

  • Learn about the three forces leading us towards cloud-native first architectures
  • Understand how we got here – the milestones marking the maturity of Kong
  • Gain visibility into the future of APIs and the implications for your architecture – Cloud-Native First, but hybrid while you get there.
  • Why you need a solution that can support all of your deployment patterns.