How to Simplify Application Provisioning, Connectivity and Management

Last Revised: March 10, 2021


  • About this Webinar

    Join experts from Mirantis and Kong as they guide you through their Kubernetes-based end-to-end Microservice and API Provisioning Process.

    Attendees will see a live demo of how to deploy Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise) and Kong Konnect as the preferred platform for mission-critical applications.

    We’ll share what we learned from hundreds of practitioners and experts who have successfully implemented microservices within and across Mirantis, Kubernetes, and public, private and hybrid clouds at their organizations.

    Through this webinar, attendees will walk away knowing how to deploy microservice-based applications using Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, plus how to secure & monitor traffic policies, track configuration changes, and develop end-to-end API publishing and API security.

    • API management for microservices with Kong Konnect and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine
    • Publishing and onboarding to the Developer Portal
    • Managing across platforms with Kubernetes Clusters
    • Leveraging Lens Kubernetes IDE for multi-cluster management with full situational awareness



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