Justify My Trip

Join us at Kong Summit in San Francisco to go all in on APIs and microservices. With your registration, youll get access to 40+ breakout sessions, keynotes featuring Kong leaders, and the opportunity to connect with other leaders and practitioners who care about connectivity just as much as you do.

Need help justifying your trip? Copy and send the email below to make your case.

Hi [insert supervisors name],

Id like to attend Kong Summit 2022, September 28-29 in San Francisco. At Kong Summit, I am guaranteed to learn a ton, spending two whole days with Kong experts and networking with other customers like Andreessen Horowitz, Goldman Sachs, Siemens, National Australia Bank, Comcast, and HashiCorp. I can bring learnings back to help our company:

  • Run microservices at scale
  • Create an effective API program
  • Build a platform for digital connectivity
  • Increase security for microservices applications
  • Create a unified developer experience

The estimated cost to attend the conference will be:

Registration fee: $699

Domestic airfare estimate: $500

Hotel (3 nights at average SF rate): $200 per night/ $600 + taxes and fees

Total: $1,799

After Kong Summit, Ill plan to assemble a report summarizing what I learned and how we can implement it at our company.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your reply!