Secure, Manage and Orchestrate
Microservice APIs

Unleash Kong

Extend microservices with configurable Kong plugins.



Powering connectivity to IoT, mobile, and other devices.

Microservice APIs

Microservice APIs

Connect and orches­trate micro­services through APIs.



Securely publish APIs to thousands of developers.

The Microservice API Gateway

Quickly build API-centric applications. Leverage the latest microservice and container design patterns. And tie it all together with the Kong microservice API gateway.

Radically Extensible

Radically Extensible

Ready-to-deploy plugins add powerful functionality to your APIs and applications.

Blazingly Fast

Blazingly Fast

Kong accelerates applications, achieving sub-millisecond latency for virtually all requests.

Open Source

Open Source

Open and developer-friendly, tens of thousands have embraced the Kong microservice API gateway.

Platform Agnostic

Platform Agnostic

Containers to clouds. Single instance to global clusters. Kong supports your setup.

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Achieve flexibility at scale, with microservices, containers, and orchestration.

RESTful Interface

RESTful Interface

Built on top of NGINX, Kong operates through a simple and easy-to-use RESTful API.

Driven by Developers, Adopted by Enterprises

Github Stars +12K Downloads 4M Running Instances +300K

Kong Community Edition

The blazingly fast open source microservice API gateway.

Learn more about Kong Community Edition 

Kong Enterprise Edition

The microservice API platform for large organizations.

Learn more about Kong Enterprise Edition 

Orchestrate Common Functionality

Kong provides a flexible abstraction layer that securely manages communication between clients and microservices via APIs.

The Redundant Old Way

Legacy Architecture
  • Common functionality is duplicated across multiple services
  • Systems tend to be monolithic and hard to maintain
  • Difficult to expand without impacting other services
  • Productivity is inefficient because of system constraints

The Kong Way

Kong Architecture
  • Kong orchestrates common functionality
  • Build efficient distributed architectures ready to scale
  • Expand functionality from one place with a simple command
  • Focus on your product and let Kong do the REST

Centralized or Decentralized Deployment

API Gateway Pattern

Deploy Kong in a centralized pattern where APIs consume Kong services for authentication, rate limiting and more at the gateway.

Kong Centralized

Sidecar Pattern

Deploy Kong in a decentralized “mesh” where microservices and APIs are tightly integrated with Kong services.

Kong Sidecar

Platform Agnostic: On-Prem, Cloud or Hybrid

Containers to clouds. Single instance to global clusters. Kong supports your setup.