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Kong Enterprise

Accelerate your journey to microservices

Trusted by over 200 enterprises. Backed by a 24/7 enterprise support SLA.

  • Advanced Traffic Control Rate Limiting, Service Routing, Caching
  • Declarative Configuration & GUI Configure Kong declaratively, via the admin API or with a GUI
  • Customizable Developer Portal Centralize where APIs are exposed
  • Advanced Authentication OAuth, OIDC, Vault, mTLS, encryption
  • Role-based Access Control Manage permissions, automate onboarding
  • GraphQL and Kafka Support translation between protocols

Running mission-critical APIs and services on Kong Enterprise

Kong Gateway

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Lightweight API gateway with 150M+ downloads.

  • Basic Traffic Control Rate Limiting, Service Routing, Caching
  • Basic Authentication HMAC, JWT and Key Auth
  • Declarative Configuration Configure Kong declaratively or via Admin API

Built for the cloud native world, and completely platform agnostic