Kong Summit Hackathon

Join our inaugural Hackathon alongside Kong Summit Digital 2021! Earn a limited edition t-shirt by submitting your contribution between September 21-28th, 2021.

Start Hacking

All approved contributions will receive a Kong Summit Hackathon t-shirt

    Winners of each of the categories below will be awarded $250 gift cards with the overall winner taking home a $500 prize!

    Best Kong Gateway Plugin

    Lua? Check! Go? Check! JavaScript? Check!
    Use one of our plugin SDKs to build a brand new Kong Gateway plugin to show off all your ideas around what's possible with a Gateway Contribute

    Best Insomnia Plugin

    Now's your chance to add the functionality you've always wanted to Insomnia!
    Take advantage of having support from the team to build your own Insomnia plugins + get swag in return! Contribute

    Best Use of Mesh

    Kuma is a CNCF project, originally created by Kong
    Explore policy enforcement, routing, tracing and more! Kuma's designed for rapid infrastructure development, so show us what you can do in a week and you could win the prize for the best use of Mesh! Contribute

    Best use of APIOps / Automation Hacks

    Show us your best CI/CD workflows!
    Design, test and deploy APIs using Insomnia and decK (our declarative configuration language).
    We want to see how much of the API lifecycle you can automate, leaving your team to focus on writing code specific to your product Contribute

    Best Docs Contribution

    Our docs cover Kong Gateway, Konnect Cloud, Kong Mesh, decK, Kong Ingress Controller, and more.
    We're looking for both developer and writer contributions.
    Engineers can help us improve our site accessibility and general usability. Writers can help improve our documentation and either learn or practice docs-as-code. Contribute

    Best Presented Demo

    Building something is only half of the work. Without promoting it well, no one will know that it exists.
    Show us what you've built at the Kong Hackathon in the most imaginative way that you can.
    The best presented demo across all categories will win the prize for this one. Contribute


    All contributions are subject to approval and must be made between September 21, 2021 and September 28, 2021 11:59pm Pacific time.

    Kong Summit Hackathon Limited Edition T-shirts are subject to availability with no guarantees.

    You must register for Kong Summit in order for your submission to be considered.


    Why are you doing this?
    We want to see what ideas the community has around Kong’s products! Connectivity is at the core of every product, but it isn’t the product itself. Show us what you can build and you can earn swag and a chance at additional awards!

    What awards can I earn?
    All approved contributions will earn a limited edition Kong Summit Hackathon t-shirt.

    Additional stickers will be shipped with your t-shirt by sharing this event with your digital community by using the hashtag #KongHack21.

    A $250 gift card will be awarded to the winner of each of the contribution categories.

    A $500 gift card will be awarded to the overall winner of the Hackathon (the top contribution accross all categories).

    When will the winners be announced?
    Winners will be announced at Kong Summit Digital 2021 on the main stage at 3:10pm PDT. Make sure to register for the free event now and join for the big announcement!

    Where are the gift cards for?
    The gift cards will be sent via Gifted.io and allow you the option to choose your gift card. The options vary by country and include shopping sites, restaurants, general visa gift cards, etc.

    When will the t-shirts ship?
    T-shirts will ship in early October. You will receive a link from Kotisdesign.com to redeem your swag once your submission has been approved. This link will request your address and t-shirt size for shipment.

    Will you send t-shirts to my country?
    We’d like everyone in the world to participate and will do our best to reach your country! Please allow for extra shipping time for countries outside the US.

    How do I provide a demo for the “Best Presented Demo” category?
    Once submissions open on September 21, the form will include a spot for a link to your presented demo. Please record a brief 1-3 minute video explaining your hack using Zoom, loom.com, or a similar screen recording tool. Post the link to this video in the submission form. Videos will be required for all submissions as we need to understand what your hack does to be able to judge your submission.