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The blazingly fast, open-source microservice API gateway.

  • Microservice API Gateway

    Microservice API Gateway

    Manage interactions across clients and APIs.

  • Open Source Plugins

    Open Source Plugins

    Extend your solution with powerful plugins.

  • Community Support

    Community Support

    Peer support from an active developer community.

Kong Enterprise

The microservice API platform for large organizations.

  • Kong Manager

    Kong Manager

    Visually manage Kong features, APIs and users.

  • Kong Security

    Kong Security

    Enterprise-grade security and authentication.

  • Kong Dev Portal

    Kong Dev Portal

    Publish API docs; onboard and manage developers

  • Kong Vitals

    Kong Vitals

    Real-time monitoring and analytics for API traffic.

  • Kong Scalability

    Kong Scalability

    Achieve consistent performance at scale.

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