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There are Kong Meetup groups all over the world, and we’d love to meet you in person! Find your local Meetup group, or check here for upcoming events and talks.

28 Sep
Sep 28, 2022

Kong Summit 2022

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13 Jul
Jul 13, 2022

Cloud connectivity roundup with Kong and Kuma

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12 Jul
Jul 12, 2022

Using OpenAPI to automatically configure the Kong Gateway

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12 Jul
Jul 12, 2022

Kong @ AWS Summit New York

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05 Jul
Jul 05, 2022

Insomnia Stream

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Do you use Kong in production? Help us spread the word by sharing your experience, in a blog, in a talk or on the community call! Add your email here to learn more about the Champions program.


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Kong’s Contributor Program is designed to encourage knowledge sharing amongst Kong’s community of users and to recognize and reward the important work our contributors are doing!

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Kong is easily extensible using plugins and other integrations. Find the functionality you need or build your own integration and share it with the world.


The Kong Hub is the official home for plugins and integrations. Find a partner, community and Kong supported integrations.


Use the Plugin Development Kit’s (PDK) collection of Lua models to build any functionality you need. The sky’s the limit.