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The Kong community brings together developers, contributors, and technology leaders from all over the world who are passionate about building the future of API management. We share resources, knowledge, and best practices for building and deploying APIs with Kong.


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Kong is easily extensible using plugins and other integrations. Find the functionality you need or build your own integration and share it with the world.

Kong Plugin Hub

The Kong Hub is the official home for plugins and integrations. Find partner, community, and Kong-supported integrations.

Plugin Development Kit (PDK)

Use the Plugin Development Kit’s (PDK) collection of Lua models to build any functionality you need. The sky’s the limit.

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Kong has 80+ Meetup groups in 46 countries. Join your local group to network with other API pros and stay up to date on Kong-related technologies.

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Our Contributor Program encourages knowledge sharing throughout the Kong community. Engage the community, build connections, and earn rewards.

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Kong Champions are frequent contributors who develop and engage with our community, helping us to grow, learn, and create better tools and products.

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Tech Talks by Kong is a webinar series dedicated to our technical developer audience featuring open source products and related topics with live demos.

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User Calls are the place to learn about Kong technologies within the open source ecosystem and ask engineers questions. All experience levels are welcome!

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The Kong Builders livestream shows how to use our developer-focused tools with hands-on, expert-led tutorials with building, debugging, and troubleshooting.

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Go beyond buzzwords as we chat with developers and technology leaders to uncover tools and tactics to take your distributed architecture to the next level.

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The Shoulders of Giants

Kong is built on battle-tested open source technologies.
We're proud to use or employ contributors to the following projects:

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Get the Kong newsletter, event discounts, and access to free workshops, user calls, tech talks, local
Meetups, and more.