Kong Enterprise

The End-to-End Service Control Platform for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Organizations


The Kong Enterprise Service Control Platform brokers an organization’s information across all services. Built on top of Kong’s battle-tested core, Kong Enterprise enables customers to simplify management of APIs and microservices across hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments. With Kong Enterprise, customers can proactively identify anomalies and threats, automate tasks, and improve visibility across their entire organization. Stop managing your applications and services, and start owning them with the Kong Enterprise Service Control Platform.

Customer Voice

Customer Voice

“With Kong, we knew that we would get something that would work perfectly with our technology today and set us up for where we want to go with microservices.”

Kanaderu Fukuda,
Senior Manager of Computing Platform, Yahoo! Japan

Customer Voice

Customer Voice

“As we evaluated API platforms, it was critical that the vendor we chose could simultaneously support our existing services in the public cloud with what we are building in Kubernetes. Kong offered us the ability to unify services across clouds, which gave us the flexibility to build new services iteratively and how we wanted without fear of cloud lock-in.”

Jason Rodriguez,
VP of Engineering at SoulCycle

Customer Voice

Customer Voice

“We put Agile, DevOps and CI/CD at the heart of everything we do, and we realized that we needed new tooling to match the new ways we wanted to build products and services”

Jason Walker,
Sr Enterprise Architect, Cargill


Unparalleled Performance

Kong Enterprise provides the industry’s lowest latency and highest scalability to ensure your services always perform at their best. Kong’s lightweight, open source core allows you to optimize performance across all your services, no matter where they run.

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Effortless Management and Automation

The elegant Kong Manager interface and simple one-click operations make managing services across your entire organization easy. Robust integrations with leading CI/CD tools and AI-powered automation streamlines the process of monitoring, securing and orchestrating all your APIs and microservices.

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Fluid Developer Experience

The Kong Developer Portal delivers a unified, customizable experience for all your internal and external developers. Streamline the developer onboarding process by easily issuing credentials and assigning access privileges with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

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Kong Manager

Get global visibility with granular control

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Enterprise Plugins

Instantly implement policies built for global scale

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Role-based Access Control

Secure your services with Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

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Dev Portal

Empower innovation across your organization with the Kong Developer Portal

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Organize for scale by grouping all your teams, services, and environments from a single cluster

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Visual API Analytics to monitor your Kong Enterprise health and your API transactions

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