Manage your Kubernetes
clusters like never before

Natively manage APIs in Kubernetes with one unified control plane.

Experience the power of Kong
API Gateway in Kubernetes

Reduce operational overhead

Provide a unified entry point for all external traffic into your Kubernetes clusters. Eliminate the risk of disruptions caused by configuration drift. 

Automate robust security

Implement role-based security and authentication policies by consistently communicating with Kubernetes API-server as well as Kong’s Admin API.

Boost developer productivity

Automatically generate Kong Declarative or Kong Ingress Controller configurations directly from OpenAPI spec files anywhere in your CI/CD pipeline.

Why Kong Ingress Controller?

Combine the powerful features of the Kong Gateway with Kubernetes in a truly Kubernetes-native manner.


Kubernetes-native API management

  • Declaratively configure Kong Gateway the same way as Kubernetes.

  • Implement traffic management, routes, backends, transformations, and observability across Kubernetes clusters.

  • Integrate with Kubernetes-native tools such as cert-manager.


Single source of truth

  • Unify Kubernetes security and identity policies with all other workloads.
  • Securely authenticate and authorize communication with Kubernetes API-server based on role-based policies.

Rich functionality without platform complexity

  • Configure Kong Gateway plugins at the ingress layer.
  • Extend functionality for authentication, security, traffic control, transformations, analytics, and more instantly.

High availability and scaling

  • Designed to be highly available and continue to operate with minimum service disruption in case of unexpected failure.
  • Scale horizontally as load increases by deploying multiple instances of Kong.

Flexible implementation and enterprise-grade support

  • Flexibility to deploy on local or managed Kubernetes clusters.
  • Includes plugins for authentication, security, traffic control, transformations, analytics and more. Comes with 24x7 support for production-grade deployment.

So much more
than a Kubernetes

The Kong Ingress Controller does much more than simply proxy traffic into a Kubernetes cluster. Configure plugins, balance loads, perform health checks, and utilize all the functionality that Kong Gateway offers.

Customers on Kong
Ingress Controller

To reach our goals of creating an integrated platform for our business services, we knew we would require a solution that allows architectural freedom and support our high volume of transactions: that would be the framework...

Claudio Spadaccini
Head of Integration
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Kubernetes clusters managed

We have a synchronized configuration between on-premise, cloud, and Kubernetes. Kong allows us to meet modern architectural requirements while supporting our legacy environments.

Anuj Pandey
Integration Architect
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APIs using KIC

Thanks to the architectural flexibility of Kong, we have a single gateway to manage multiple platforms. We run Kong in Kubernetes clusters and are able to natively manage the gateway from Kubernetes.

Marcos Petry
Engineering & Product Manager
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Reduction in time to add a route to a service

On the network side, integration projects that initially required four weeks to complete can now be done in one week, and projects that used to take five days are now being moved to what is effectively an automated process.

Craig Ferguson
Chief Architect
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Reduction in deployment time


Become an API-first

Seamlessly extend the power Kong Gateway to Kubernetes environments.