Brokering Information through Microservice APIs

Kong Inc. is the microservices API company. We are best known as the creator and primary supporter of the Kong platform, the most widely adopted open-source Microservice API gateway.



Kong makes securing, managing and orchestrating microservice APIs easier and faster than ever. That’s why it powers trillions of API transactions. That’s why technology companies, major banks, e-commerce innovators, and government agencies put Kong in front of their most important web workloads. And that’s why developers around the globe enthusiastically contribute innovations on top of the Kong platform.



Our company focus encompasses technology innovation and customer success. Not only does Kong Inc. build a world-class platform for powering microservice API development, we enable customers to succeed in realizing maximum value from their microservice infrastructure with comprehensive services to deliver even higher levels of agility, security, and scale.

History Repeats Itself


Kong Assembly Line


Building a business in the 1600’s was just plain hard. Virtually everything required to create a physical product needed to be built from scratch or procured through a custom contract. If a business managed to navigate through the long arduous process of gathering the required components and actually produced a finished product they then faced the equally-difficult challenge of establishing a means for distributing and selling their finished goods.

Scaling as we know it in the 21st century was next to impossible in this mode of production. The introduction of machine tools, electricity, and the assembly line changed production so fundamentally that historians began to refer to the era as the Industrial Revolution.

At Kong Inc. we believe history is beginning to repeat itself and a revolution in how people build software is underway. We see APIs, microservice architecture, containers, orchestration and cloud computing as the electricity powering the next wave of innovation and are working hard to make Kong into the assembly line of the future.